Postcards, Blog buddies

  • * Blog buddies, we need a few good women to partner with those that don’t have internet access. If you know anyone from the list below and would be willing to be their blog buddy by relaying to them any information that is posted on the blog, please let Virginia know. However you two would like to do it, by phone or print each post and give it to them once a month. In a week I’ll start calling them to remind them they need to find a blog buddy if they want the information from the blog. If you have any bright ideas regarding this, please tell us.
  1. Barbara C.
  2. Marty A.
  3. Peggy E.
  4. Karen E.
  5. Kay H.
  6. Ruth P.
  7. Bonnie V.
  8. Diane V.
That’s all folks, ta ta. VC

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