BasinPiecemakers’ Library page 2

Freedom in Design
     *Mia Rozmyn
From Fiber to Fabric
     *Harriet Hargrave
Gallery of American Quilts, 1830-1991 book 3
     *American Quilter*s Society
Great American Quilts 1993
     *Leisure Arts Presents
Great Finishes: Patterns & Techniques for Quilting
     *Better Homes & Gardens
Handmade Quilts
     *Mimi Dietrich
Happy Endings – Finishing the edges of your quilt
      Mimi Dietrich
Heirloom Machine Quilting
     *Harriet Hargrave
Hook, Line & a Hole in One
     * Four Corners
Iron-On Transfers for Quilt Labels
     *Barbara Baatz
Jewel Box Quilt
     *Eleanor Burns
Miniatures from the Heart * Judges* Choice
     *Joanne Nolt
*Benni Harper Mystery:
   Earlene Fowler,
        A Dove in the Window
        Goose in the Pond
         Irish Chain
         Kansas Troubles (2 books)

*Elm Creek Novel:
   Jennifer Chiaverini,
         Round Robin
         The Cross-Country Quilters
         The Runaway Quilt (2books)

Welcome to Tyler:
         Bright Hopes, Pat Warren
         Monkey Wrench, Nancy Martin
         Whirlwind (2 books), Nancy Martin
         Wisconsin wedding, Carla Neggers


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