April Minutes


 Minutes: Read and accepted as corrected.

 Treasurer’s Report: Checking account $2832.62, Savings $1102.15. New membership rosters passed around.

 Correspondence: Note regarding Superior, MT quilt show.

 Day Meeting: At LaFaun’s. 11 people attended. Next meeting to be held at Melanie’s 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Night Meeting: None – all at retreat.


Programs: Virginia reported May will be the Challenge, June-Edna will show us how to make a sweatshirt jacket, Sept. 9th Sewing Room Tour and Sept. 25th a mystery day trip.

Hospitality: Emma Lou has sent cards to Maxine and Mary T.

Brown Bag: Continues on.

QOV: Gloria had 12 blocks turned in tonight.

Raffle: Raffle tickets available. Contact Mary K.

Challenge: Penny reminded everyone to bring their challenge quilts to May meeting. They will be judged in four categories and the ribbons will be unusual.

Retreat: Lynda and her group reported the retreat was excellent. The skit was very funny. They have decided to have Lutherhaven provide the evening meal on Tuesday and Wednesday for $11 per meal. Leslie won the lotto blocks. Bear Paw came out one afternoon and demonstrated Fun and Done patterns and Norma demo’d an easy pineapple block. Fall retreat is October 12-17, 2010.

Felted Woman: On the table for display tonight and made the next pass.

Blog: Check blog for pre-meeting meal places and refreshments.


Dona reported on the Odessa Quilt Show last weekend. They received the most quilts ever and used all of their quilting frames. Grace won Best Large Quilt, Best Applique and Best Hand Quilted awards and Marilyne won Best Pieced Quilt

 Volunteers are need soon for the 2011 Raffle Quilt.

 A letter from Fabric Patch was read. Their quilt show will be June 18 and 19. They will now do a show every other year alternating with ours. Our members could possibly help her with the set up. Rosalie Dace Workshop (quilt artist) will be August 11-14th and cost $350. Shop Hop will be September 30th, October 1 & 2. She also sent door prizes.

 Barbara passed out a pincushion pattern.

 Penny reported her brother’s 5th grade class in Basin City will be making quilts for kindergarten students on May 21st. She would like 1 yard pieces of fabric and helpers.

 Program: Virginia and her invisible assistant (Leslie) presented a quilt history of our club. It was formed in 1986 and 11 women were present at the first meeting at the Treadle Fabric Shop. Everyone told of their first quilt and when they started quilting.

 Name Tag Drawing: Sally Goodwin won the name tag drawing.

 Day Meeting: 2nd Tuesday, various homes

Night Meeting: 2nd Thursday, 7 pm Immanuel Lutheran

Business Meeting: 4th Tuesday, 7 pm Immanuel Lutheran

 Dates to Remember: Sun Country Quilt Show – June 18 & 19, Ephrata – Ritzville Quilt Show – May 1


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