April Mintues


Guests:  Kathy and MaryAnn were visiting.

Minutes:  Read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Checking account $2,845.26, Savings $1,104.10.

Day meeting:   At Penny’s.  We had two demos and a wonderful time.   Next meeting to be held at Melanie’s.  2nd Tues of the month.

Night Meeting:  There was no night meeting.


Hospitality:  Anyone can notify Emma Lou if you know of someone who needs a card from the guild.

Brown Bag:  Doing well – should have about 3 left.

Little Brown Bag:  Keep passing.

QOV:  26 blocks so far – please bring blocks if you can.

Challenge:  Challenge reveal will be in June.  Please enter your piece in the quilt show.

Felted Women:  Should be finished tonight.

Quilt Show:  Penny asked for people to bring quilt/sewing related items to the show for decorations.  Sign-up sheet was passed around so that she will be aware of what people are planning on bringing the day of the show.  Antiques, wooden ironing boards, dress forms, etc. are examples of what she’s looking for.

Cookies:  A sign-up sheet was passes around for a variety of cookies/fudge/breads that can be made for the show.  Please label those items that have nuts in them.  Contact Penny if you want to participate and didn’t sign up yet.

Blog:  Be sure to check the blog for pre-meeting meal places and refreshments. Pre-meeting meals are at 5:30. 


Dues: See Eddy about dues.  They are due now.

Nominating Committee:  Nancy and Dona would like everyone to consider being an officer.  Please contact one of them.  If we want the guild to continue, we need people to be willing to help.

Iraqi sewers:  Lynda will be collecting quilting/sewing items to be sent to the women of Iraq through the June meeting.


Quilt shows:  Karen would like people who may be going to a quilt show before ours to contact her for our flyers that could be distributed at those shows.

Retreat:  Shawlene won the retreat quilt.  We had all different kinds of weather and good times.  Because of our donations, Steve was able to install more lighting in our quilting room.

Printed bags:  Roylene showed bags that can be made by Lyle’s with our name/graphic on them.  She sent around a sign-up sheet.

Magazine:  A sign-up sheet was passed around to order a subscription of Fons and Porter magazine.  See Eddy if you’re interested.

Pincushion:  Barb shared a lamb pincushion and directions with us.

Program:  Marilyne demonstrated how to put faux piping/binding on and handed out directions.

Name tag drawing:  Artie won the name tag drawing.

Day Meeting:  2nd Tuesday, various homes

Night Meeting:  2nd Thursday, 7pm Immanuel Lutheran

Business Meeting:  4th Tuesday, 7pm Immanuel Lutheran

Dates to Remember:   Basin Piecemakers Quilt show:  June 24/25.


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