July Meeting: Laura Estes

Laura Estes is coming to the July 26th meeting for a hands on dimensional flower making class and members need to provide the following:

 “Members will want to bring a sharps or milliner needle (size 8, 9, or 10), neutral color quilting thread (gray, tan or taupe) and small scissors. I’ll bring pre-cut circles and strips of fabric, that way we can get to the fun part fast.
Virginia Cole will be representing The Fabric Patch, and all my patterns and tools will be available, as well as the latest release of quilting stencils. I’ll have several models and works in progress with me that night”
Also, Member Sandi Stone is still in critical condition at Deaconess Hospital after having both legs amputated at the thigh because of blood clots and gangrene.  Her husband is driving back and forth every day and gas cost is becoming an issue..  We would like to gather a donation to provide gas for him.  If you are interested, we will be collecting at the meeting.  Cards sent to her home – as the husband will deliver- are appreciated but visitors are very restricted.

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