September Minutes. 2011


Guests:  All members introduced themselves and told what their favorite quilt block is.

Minutes:  Read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Checking account $ 3,593.13, Savings $1,104.54.

Correspondence:  Many thank you cards were read.

Day meeting:   At Nancy’s. 8 members present. We had a good time visiting and sewing.  Next meeting to be held at Grace’s.  2nd Tues. of the month.

Night Meeting:  Leslie asked if people want to continue the night meeting because of low participation. Think about it and we will decide the first of the year to continue or not.



Hospitality: Cards were sent to Mary T. and Sandi’s family.

Brown Bag: As of tonight, you should be receiving the last bag. Emma Lou will be contacting you about the exchange.

Little Brown Bag: Keep passing and please see Virginia to go over the list after the meeting.

QOV: sign-up sheet for Make a Difference Day was passed around. It will be Oct. 22 from 9-4. Bring a lunch and sewing equip. We have over 100 blocks to put together! Also, Gloria received a thank you letter from the medical center in LA for one of the quilts we sent.

2013 Quilt Show: We need someone to be chairman. There is much planning involved, so having someone at least a year before the show is beneficial.

Blog:  Be sure to check the blog for pre-meeting meal places and refreshments. Pre-meeting meals are at 5:30.


Crazy Ladies: Please see or contact Barb after the meeting for a schedule.

Retreat: Check the blog for retreat info.

Make a Difference Day: Oct. 22, Immanuel Lutheran 9-4

Moda Stars: Several were brought tonight.



Raffle Quilt: tickets will be handed out to guild members at the Christmas Party. The quilt will be shown at the Soroptimist Bazaar and a sign-up sheet was passed around.

Artsy Quilts: The pass-around group starts in Oct. and there were 2 spaces available so see Roylene if interested.

Name Tags: We will be starting an exciting adventure in January so get your name tags done and remember to bring them.



A memorial program for Sandi was presented.



Name tag drawing:  ____________________won the name tag drawing.

Day Meeting:  2nd Tuesday, various homes

Night Meeting:  2nd Thursday, 7pm Immanuel Lutheran

Business Meeting:  4th Tuesday, 7pm Immanuel Lutheran


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