MAY 22, 2012
The meeting was called to order by President Sally G.
 GUESTS:  Susan Favro from Montana is our only guest.
Everyone introduced themselves and told what their favorite batting is.  Warm & Natural was the most popular one.  
 MINUTES:  The minutes were read.  Corrections included changing Mark to Mary.  Moved & accepted as corrected.
 TREASURER’S  REPORT:  Checking account:  $2769.04   Savings:  $1104.90
 CORRESPONDENCE:   Lauren M. thanked the guild for the get well card.  Sally reminded us of the Superior, Mt. quilt show.
 DAY MEETING:  Dona S. hosted about 10 people.  The next one will be at Roylene S. on June 12th.
 HOSPITALITY:  Sally G.  will send get well cards to Geri. A and Emma Lou B.  She’ll send a Thinking of You card to Sandy T.
 BROWN BAG & CRAZY lADIES:  Keep passing.
ARTSY GROUP:  Finish the blocks and don’t pass to the owner.  They will have a lunch and present the finished top to the owner.
BLOCK EXCHANGE:  Several blocks were shown.
QOV;  Gloria M. showed two blocks someone brought tonight.  The QOV quilts need to be 5-10 inches larger due to shrinkage after washing.  If they are too small they won’t be accepted.  There will also be a QOV block contest at this years Grant County Fair.  Candy T. offered to get backing fabrics at the Wholesaler Market in Sept. for the QOV’s if we want.
 PICNIC:  The August picnic will be at Candy T. on Aug.  28th at 6:00 p.m.  Bring you chair and a dish to share.  Directions to follow at the next meeting.
 .COMFORT QUILT:  Nancy L. needs the rest of the blocks by June 1st.  This quilt is for Cindy R. of Ephrata
.CURVED LOG CABIN CLASS:  Twelve have signed up.  Class is June 4th 9:30-3:30 at the First Presbyterian Church.  Bring a dish to share at lunch
.EPHRATA QUILT SHOW:   June 22 & 23 at the Ephrata High school.
NEW BUSINESS:   Brianna R. will present the June program.  She’ll tell us what she’s learned at the Seattle Art Institute.   Her Mother, Cindi R. will be showing the new quilt market items that we’ll not be able to live without!
 Several people wanted to know from Lynda W. where to buy Bamboo/cotton batting.  She found it at Heartbeat Quilting Store, 16909 E Sprague, Spokane
Valley, Wa.  Phone-888-465-0344 
 NAME TAG DRAWING:  Karen C. was the lucky winner!
 PROGRAM:  Susan Favro, from Alberton, Mt. demonstrated how a sewing machine needle catches the bobbin thread when sewing.  She also showed a fun video of quilt blocks set to music moving to make many blocks and patterns, etc.  It was very fun to watch!  She showed some new items that she sells for quilting machines and sewing machines.  Very enjoyable program!  She has a Mobile Quilt Studio and sells and repairs Handi Quilt Machines.
Quilts, etc. were shown–some great finished projects!
 The meeting was adjourned and delicious refreshments were served by Edna C. and Sandy T.





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