October’s Guest Speaker Bio.

I quilt, therefore, I am. 

            Next to God and family, quilting has been a gift, pleasure and life boat to me, for over 30 years.  I was fortunate to discover quilting during the revival in the 70’s that brought new patterns, innovative tools, inspirational teachers and artists to help me grow and enjoy the craft more every year.

            I consider myself a traditional quilter having started with hand piecing and hand quilting, then progressing to machine piecing and Long Arm quilting over the years, to stay current.  My natural inclination for perfectionism served me well in this originally geometric based art form.  As my skills have progressed, I have worked on loosening up and being a little less symmetrical and a little more intuitively expressive.  This is still not second nature to me.  I have also worked very hard to learn color theory so that my quilts will be pleasing and timeless.

         Quilting has been my therapy through the ups and downs of life.  It is the perfect avenue for prayer and meditation, and serves to quiet my mind and spirit in a way nothing else does.  Working with the limitless variety of fabrics, textures, patterns and techniques gives me great satisfaction.  I have met the most caring, creative and productive people in this industry and had the opportunity to work closely with many of these.  Quilting is like a tattoo, having left its visible stamp on my life. 

         The joy of quilting and the sharing of this skill and the gift of a quilt, never grows old for me.  I make my living quilting other’s quilt tops and I never tire of my work.  I always say, “Everyday is a Quilt Show at my house!”   I never stop learning new patterns and skills, meeting great people who share my passion, and enjoying the satisfaction of giving a quilt to someone in need of comfort and love.

        I”m not the most artistic quilter but I have enjoyed every purchase, every pattern drafting and planning, every piecing stitch, every quilting stitch and every final quilt.  It is all I can do to complete one project without starting another – oh, that’s right, I don’t!



One Response to October’s Guest Speaker Bio.

  1. Laura Estes says:

    What a fun and interesting speaker. What beautiful quilts she has created and made.

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