Basinpiecemakers Quilt Guild Business Meeting September 22, 2015


Introduction of Guests and Members: 39 members with 3 being guests

Minutes: Minutes of the July 28, 2015 meeting were approved

Correspondence: 4 thank you notes were read

Treasurers Report: Checking:  $6732.14  (includes retreat monies)Savings:  $1106.90

Committees: Day Meeting :  Day meeting was held at Nancy T’s.  Next meeting will be at Nancy W’s. Hospitality :  Card was sent to Lois Mueller as seller of winning raffle ticket Artsy finished except for Nancy W who is almost caught up. Piece Modern: revealed and on the website . Brown Bag: Keep passing but eliminate Kathy C. Crazy Ladies: New project  beginning.  Theme will be holiday or season of your choice.  This project will be a row by row 32” wide with length up to 8 inches.  Applique (no machine zig zag) or pieced.   Add fabric and diary to your brown bag.  Contact Melanie S. for more information.

Old Business: Cindy and Nancy went to Walla Walla, Laurel went to view vintage quilts in Ritzville, lots of quilts in Wenatchee.  Nice picnic dinner without the stress for hostess.  Park a good option. New Business:  2016 Quilt Show planning.  Marianne reports “A Stitcher’s World” June 16-18, 2016, Moses Lake HighSchool commons.  A request for BPM members to make items for sale thru the boutique.  Vendors and demos are needed for the show.

2016 raffle quilt committee: Carole reports the raffle quilt will be from Tula Pinks 100 Modern Quilt Blocks (6 ½” unfinished blocks).  Blocks are kitted and ready to check out.  MUST be returned by October 3rd for the sew-in at the Presbyterian Church where they will be set together.  Raffle quilt must be ready to display at November 14th bazaar.  Tickets for members will be ready at the Christmas Party.

Christmas Party: Committee  will request December 2nd at Lutheran Church.

Class co-chair Merridy reported contacts made but nothing set until early spring. Wilma won the name tag drawing.

Cindy White presented a program on “”, a method of photocopying designs for hand stitching to replace paper piecing method for small pieces. Betty W. won the $20 gift certificate offered by author.  Virginia presented an old quilt for a drawing—Kim G won it.

Adjourn and refreshments: Provided by Roylene and Virginia Next meeting: October 27, 2015, 7:00 pm at the Immanuel Lutheran Church.  Program will be Norma P and she requests we bring an antique quilt that has a meaning to us.

Refreshments: Merridy

Pre dinner at Thai Cuisine  5:15


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