Introduction of Guests and Members: one guest, Terry Hooper.  Co- President, MaryAnn asked all members what they had accomplished this year.

Minutes:  Minutes of the September 22, 2015 meeting were approved.

Correspondence:  1 thank you note was read from Lois Wells, winner of the raffle quilt.

Treasurers Report: Checking:  $7558.99 (includes retreat monies) Savings:  $1106.94

Committees:  Day Meeting:   Day meeting was held at Nancy W’s.  Next meeting will be at Dona S”s.  No meeting in December.  Hospitality: A thank you note was read from Lois Wells, winner of our raffle quilt.  Artsy:  all finished and will reveal when Roylene gets home Piece Modern:  revealed and on the website.  Brown Bag: Keep passing.  Crazy Ladies:  New project, first pass went well.  Project is a row by row seasonal quilt. Challenge:  this project is a 9 patch with 25% of quilt 9 patch blocks.  See Barb B. for more information

Old Business:  Mystery quilts from fall retreat were shared.  Merridy and Lynda will organize next year’s retreats. New Business:  2016 Quilt Show planning.  Marianne reports “A Stitcher’s World” June 16-18, 2016, Moses Lake High School commons.  Vendors and demos are needed for the show.  Karen will have the quilt show info in the Country Register’s April/May edition for a cost of $85.

2016 raffle quilt committee:   The finished raffle quilt was shown and is ready to display at November 14th bazaar.  Tickets for members will be ready at the Christmas Party.

Christmas Party: December 8th at the Lutheran Church.  Please bring 2 fat quarters and a pot luck dish.

Program: Norma P shared several antique quilts.  Several members brought favorite antique quilts also. Several members shared show and tell items.

Refreshments by Merridy

No meeting in November.

January meeting is the 27th of 2016!!!!  Program will be Road to California report

Refreshments:  Kathy Rolfs and Dona Sartin

Pre-dinner at Porterhouse


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