Minutes for April 25, 2017 Meeting

Basin Piecemaker’s Quilt Guild



Date:   April 25, 2017

Introduction of Guests and Members:    At 7:05 pm Co-president Mary K.  opened meeting and welcomed members and guests.

Question of the Evening:   Do you have more or less than 5 seam rippers?

Minutes:  Minutes of the March 28 meeting were approved as submitted.

Correspondence:  None

Treasurer’s Report:   Barb S. presented the following information:

Checking:   $4,080.38              Savings:      $1,107.78

Annual dues of $15 are due as of January 1, 2017.    Barb reported that 59 members have paid their dues for 2017.

Sally G. gave the group a report on Norma P. who is currently hospitalized in Spokane, but expected to be home tomorrow.  A card was passed around for Norma and everyone wishes her a speedy recovery.


Day Meeting – The day meeting for February was held at the home of Melanie S.  Eight people attended and everyone had a great time.  The May 9 day meeting will be held at the home of Kathy C.

Artsy:  Roylene S.  reported  on the sixth pass-around tonight for Nancy W.’s project and Barb B.’s  project is collected.

Brown Bag:  Roylene s.  reported in Dona S.’s absence,  that members should keep passing the brown bag.  If anyone has their square done early, let Dona S. know and she will get it to Katrina B. who is trying to work ahead on her squares when possible.

Crazy Ladies:  On hold.   Let Barb B. or Roylene S.  know if you have any ideas for a new project.

Hospitality:  Cards requested at the last meeting were sent by Joan S.

Challenge:  Kay U. repeated the requirements for this year’s challenge and encouraged everyone to enter.  The quilts must be 36” minimum and 60” maximum and include curved piecing.  They are not to include any applique.  The quilts will be displayed and voted on at the June, 2017 meeting.

Quilt Raffle:    The Starfire quilt was shown and it turned out beautifully.  Laurel W. did the quilting.  Regan B. offered to help Mary K. with the ticket template so tickets should be available soon.  Lois W. has agreed to be the Ticket Coordinator for Raffle Quilt Project.   The Raffle Quilt drawing will be held at the August picnic.

Old Business:

Quilt Show – June, 2018:  Kathy R. agreed to be the Quilt Show Coordinator.

Donation Quilt for Veterans Association:  Donation quilts for the VA Hospital in Seattle will be collected by Dona S.

Name Badge:  Remember to make your name badge and wear it to meetings so that you are eligible to win a door prize.   Patterns were available.

Spring Retreat:  Roylene S. reported on the recent retreat held at Lutherhaven.  Seventeen members attended.  She said that the new chef was very good and everyone enjoyed the event.  The group project was a patriotic quilt which will be donated to the VA.

Upcoming Classes:  Sally G. reported that the ruching/applique class will be held on May 6 from 9-3 at the Moses Lake Presbyterian Church at 1142 W. Ivy Street.  Sally suggested that class members drive around back of the Church to unload their machines and supplies.  The lunch will be potluck, so be sure to bring a dish to share.

Merridy M. reported on the summer class to be held in July or August and taught by Juli Welshaar of Milk Bottle Quilt Co.  Two patterns are under consideration for this class, and Merridy will have full details at the May meeting.

Odessa Quilt Show:  The Odessa Spring Fling Quilt Show will be held  this upcoming weekend on April 28 and 29, 2017 from 9 am to 5 pm at the Odessa High School Gym.    The featured quilter for the Odessa Quilt Show will be Judy Main who does her own long-arm quilting.  There is a $5 entry fee for the quilt show.

New Business:

Nominating Committee for New Officers:  Mary K. asked for volunteers for the Nominating Committee and Judy O., Karen C., and Kathy M. agreed to handle this task.

Program for July:  Nancy L. agreed to provide a program for the July meeting.

Program:    Mary K. introduced her friends, Kim DeTrolio, Kim’s Mom, Emma, Emma’s Mom and Grandmother who presented the evening’s heartfelt and inspirational program entitled “Mentoring”.   Kim D. who did the narrative for the program is the Director of Finance and Administration at the Port of Moses Lake.  Kim has two sons currently serving in the military, one in Virginia and one in Okinawa.  She has 5 grandsons.  Having no daughters or granddaughters living nearby to pass on her love of quilting, Kim had prayed for God to send her someone with whom she could share.  She met Emma at a youth group meeting at her Church.  Emma’s family was in the process of adopting a child from China and Emma was requesting prayers for her new brother.    Emma had a desire to learn to sew and Kim offered to teach her to quilt, making a quilt for her brother.  A wonderful friendship developed between Kim and Emma.  Emma has made several quilts and showed three of them to the group.  The message to all was the reward and enjoyment earned by sharing your quilting skills and love of quilting.

Show and Tell:  – Several people showed new quilts and projects.

Roylene S. won the door prize.

Co-President Mary K. adjourned the meeting at 8:15 pm.

Refreshments:  Thank you to Barb. P. and Nancy T.

Next regular meeting:  May 23 at Immanuel Lutheran Church.

May Pre-dinner:   Rocktop

Refreshments:  Betty L. and Thomasene L.

Program:   Road to California Slide Show

Next Day Meeting:  May 9 at the home of Kathy C.


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