Travel Pillowcase Pattern

Thanks to Virginia who showed us how to make this  travel pillowcase at our Fall retreat.   And also thanks to Laurel who “wrote” up the instructions.

Fabric Needed
1 – 141/2 X WOF (body). Trim salvages
1 – 8 X 141/2 (cuff)
1. Lay the 8 X 141/2 cuff face up. Then roll the body fabric up from the long end and align with the top edge of cuff fabric – RST. This is the burrito style of pillowcase making. Fold the cuff fabric up over the rolled up fabric and align with the top edge of cuff. Seam all three layers together. Pull the burrito fabric out of the cuff and iron seam. Top stitch along this seam.
2. Hem the other end of the body fabric by turning the edge twice and seaming.
3. With RST, fold the cuffed end up until the body (with cuff) measures 20”. Then fold the hemmed edge over at the cuff. Hemmed edge will be over the cuff. Seam both sides of the pillow – zigzag or surge the edges to finish seams.
4. Turn right side out.


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