Crazy Camp Supply List

January 24, 2012

Crazy Camp Supply List                       Feb 25th 10-4

 Bring a snack or something to share.

*Purchase the Buggy Barn Crazy pattern of your choice and select fabrics according to the requirements on the pattern.  You may choose from the patterns in our books, too!  Everyone must purchase a pattern or book; it is a violation of federal copyright law to reproduce our patterns by any means.
*Freezer paper
*Paper scissors
*Pencil & 6” x 24” ruler for tracing
*Prior to class, please trace the crazy pattern onto freezer paper, one copy for each stack of fabric.  For instance, if you have thirty fat quarters, you can cut them in two piles of fifteen, or three piles of ten so you will need two or three copies depending on how many fabrics you are comfortable cutting through.  (I usually cut through twelve to fifteen at a time.)   If you are making a pattern that stacks in more than one pile, (i.e. Heart Crazies, Log Cabin Crazies, Star Crazies, Triple Star Crazies, Coneflower Crazies, Crazy Rays) you will also need a copy of the master for each pile to stack on. 
*Please have your fabrics ironed and ready to stack and cut. 
*60mm Rotary cutter with a sharp blade and mat (18” x 24” size or larger)
*Press pad and iron is optional but there’s lots of ironing!
*6” x 24” ruler and a 15” or 20-1/2” square to use to square your blocks.
*Sewing machine and sewing supplies
Available patterns:
Buggy Barn Crazies           Star Crazies                Crazy Mexican Hat Dance
Log Cabin Crazies                        Heart Crazies              Crazy Harvest Moon
Crazy About Hearts & Stars        Basket Crazies
Coneflower Crazies                      Crazy Rays
Kaleido-Crazies                             Triple Star Crazies
OR, any project from our books, Star Crossing, Gone Crazy, Crazy Among Friends, A Little Bit Crazy, Certifiably Crazy, That Crazy Thing We Do, Stir Crazy, Perennially Crazy, Crazy Dog Days, Crazy Snow Days, Frightfully Crazy, Celebrated Craziness, Those Crazy Kids, Crazy Fun –N- Games, Positively Crazy, or Still Crazy.

Computer class

November 16, 2010

Hello all. Virginia here.

I’d like to offer a little computer class this Friday, 7pm at my house. No fee.

Every once in awhile some of you ask for a little help with your computer. Getting to this or that on the blog or whatever. If you’re interested call or email me so I have an idea of how many are coming.

I know it’s short notice but thought I’d give it a shot. See ya.

Quilt Photo Day

September 5, 2009

September 19

9 am – 3 pm

Immanuel Lutheran


At CBQ: Look at the amounts you need, it says on your pattern paper how many squares of each color you’ll need. If its only a very small amount you don’t have to purchase that fabric but can steal a few squares from someone else. Some photos have a lot of dark and some more of the light fabric. You’ll get 896 squares from one ¼ yd of fabric.


  1. your lunch
  2. 2 yds. Steam a seam 2 or any fusible
  3. fabric – palette is available at CBQ
  4. interfacing (fusible or not)
  5. Rotary cutter
  6. Cutting mat
  7. ruler
  8. scotch tape
  9. Small iron (you can share with someone)
  10. extension cord
  11. iron board
  12. paper scissors
  13. muffin tin (papers are optional) or a large tray

 Barb and Virginia will bring your pattern pieces and palette papers.

Call Virginia if you have any questions or want to be added to the list.

Fiber art class

March 12, 2008


Who: Rosalie Dace ( South African Fiber Artist)

Workshop: Promises and Possibilities

When:  Aug. 12-16

Where: Ephrata Airport community room

Description: An eight hour, five day DESIGN workshop for intermediate to advance sewers.

Cost: $350, with $100 down which will hold your place.  20 person limit, first come first signed up. Balance  due June 2, 2008.

Contact person: Sally Hubbs 754-5712

Google Rosalie Dace to learn more about her or go here or here

Thanks for the info Marilyne H.!