2016 Winners

July 9, 2016


So sorry we’re missing a photo of the other winner. If you have a pic send it to Virginia or Barb please. Here’s a sample of Carole’s domestic machine quilting.



Quilt Show Recap

July 2, 2014

IMG_7698 IMG_7701 IMG_7704 IMG_7705 IMG_7706 IMG_7707 IMG_7708 IMG_7709 IMG_7711 IMG_7712 IMG_7713 IMG_7714 IMG_7715 IMG_7716 IMG_7717 IMG_7718 IMG_7719 IMG_7720 IMG_7721 IMG_7723 IMG_7724 IMG_7725 IMG_7726 IMG_7727 IMG_7728 IMG_7729 IMG_7730 IMG_7731 IMG_7733 IMG_7734 IMG_7735 IMG_7736 IMG_7738 IMG_7739 IMG_7740 IMG_7741 IMG_7742 IMG_7743 IMG_7744 IMG_7745 IMG_7746 IMG_7747 IMG_7748 IMG_7749 IMG_7750 IMG_7751 IMG_7752 IMG_7753 IMG_7754 IMG_7755 IMG_7756 IMG_7757 IMG_7758

By no means is this all of them, I was just going through and snapping pictures. Sorry for any blurriness. It was a wonderful show!

Quilt Show Categories

June 1, 2014

FYI the quilt show categories are…



Challenge – any year

Small   Group   Pass  – any year

Retreat Mystery Quilts – any year

Vintage – for display

Lynda awaits your entries. Let’s make this a great show with all your quilts!

Quilt Registration

March 27, 2014

The Quilt Registration paper for our 2014 Fabric Magic Quilt Show is now on the Quilt Show page on our blog. Print off as many as you need!

Quilt show online

December 22, 2009

Here’s a link to an online quilt show. Enjoy and a very Merry Christmas to you all. Stay warm and see you next year!

Quilt Show 2009 Review

June 28, 2009


Quilt show Form

May 1, 2009

Basin Piecemakers Quilt Show

June 26-27 2009


We would like to display your quilt at the Basin Piecemakers Quilt Festival to be held at the Moses Lake High School commons, 803 E. Sharon, Moses Lake, WA.  This form must b e completed for each item and mailed to Lynda Williams, PO Box 2028, Moses Lake, WA 98837 (509) 765-3922

no later than June 15, 2009.


ENTRY NUMBER ________________






QUILT NAME_______________________________________ QUILT SIZE ________________


SEWN BY ______________________________________________________________________


QUILTED BY (hand, machine, tied) _________________________________________________





DETACH AND PIN THIS LABEL TO YOUR ENTRY and deliver to the Moses Lake High School, 803 E Sharon, Moses Lake on June 25 between 9 AM – 1 PM or prior to this date drop off at Columbia Basin Quiltworks, 122 W 3rd Ave, Moses Lake.


ENTRY NUMBER______________________






QUILT NAME___________________________________________________________________________



KEEP THIS LABEL AS YOUR CLAIM CHECK.  You must have this to claim your entry on June 27, 2009 from 5:00 – 6:00 PM at Moses Lake High School.


ENTRY NUMBER ______________________NAME_____________________________________


QUILT NAME_____________________________________________________________________