Sew Day

November 17, 2017

IMG_1642cropsew dayIMG_2181cropBlocks in progress.sewIMG_2180cropBusy Busy Busy.sewIMG_2182cropMore fabric to sew.


Travel Pillowcase Pattern

November 17, 2017

Thanks to Virginia who showed us how to make this  travel pillowcase at our Fall retreat.   And also thanks to Laurel who “wrote” up the instructions.

Fabric Needed
1 – 141/2 X WOF (body). Trim salvages
1 – 8 X 141/2 (cuff)
1. Lay the 8 X 141/2 cuff face up. Then roll the body fabric up from the long end and align with the top edge of cuff fabric – RST. This is the burrito style of pillowcase making. Fold the cuff fabric up over the rolled up fabric and align with the top edge of cuff. Seam all three layers together. Pull the burrito fabric out of the cuff and iron seam. Top stitch along this seam.
2. Hem the other end of the body fabric by turning the edge twice and seaming.
3. With RST, fold the cuffed end up until the body (with cuff) measures 20”. Then fold the hemmed edge over at the cuff. Hemmed edge will be over the cuff. Seam both sides of the pillow – zigzag or surge the edges to finish seams.
4. Turn right side out.

October 2017 Retreat

November 17, 2017

The progression of this retreat’s charity quilt, complete with our own Vanna. Awesome job guys, it turned out great!



Until next time…

October Minutes

November 15, 2017

Basin Piecemakers Quilt Guild Minutes

Date: October 24 2017

Correspondence report: Cards from fair winners and Lutherhaven thanking
us for donation in Memory of Linda Williams

Treasurer’s report:
Checking: $4254.69
Savings: 1107.96 (and a few cents, don’t have new amount)

Committee Reports:
Hospitality: no new report
Day meeting: met at Nancy T. with 12 attending
Artsy: on hold until 2018
Brown bag: last pass/revel January 2018
Crazy ladies: Flower Power, continue passing
Classes: Joan and Kat working on ideas

Old/Continuing business:
Quilt Show 2018: Plans/details progressing
Donation Quilts for VA: Kat K.
Quilts can be any size, using red, white and blue fabrics. Make a whole quilt or
block or two.
Raffle quilt 2018: Completed, tickets handed out, picture available at December
Retreat: once again a great time had by those attending

New business:
Sign-up sheets: sheet sent around to sell raffle tickets at the PEO bazaar and
for guild meeting programs. Programs needed for June and July.
Saturday November 5th 9-3 at the Presbyterian church, will work on veterans
Program: Virginia C – curved piecing
Show and tell: beautiful quilts shared. Grocery bags made at retreat alsshared.
Name tag drawing winner: Melanie S.

Refreshments were provided by: Betty W. and Lois W

Next business meeting: Christmas party December 12th 6 pm, Immanuel Lutheran Church
Pre-dinner: none for December
January Porter House

Next day meeting: November 14th Kat U (was canceled due to illness)
January 9th: Betty and Thomasene L.
January program: Betty W

Minutes September 2017

September 28, 2017

Basin Piecemakers Quilt Guild Minutes

Date: September 26th 2017
Correspondence report: None

Treasurer’s report:
Checking: $7382.40
Savings: 1107.96

Committee Reports:
Hospitality: Judy O. taking over
Day meeting: met at Dona S with 9 attending.
Artsy: TBA
Brown bag: Keep passing, Annie R taking over for Dona S
Crazy ladies: Flower Power, stared this month.
Challenge: Christmas carol: wall hanging size, any technique, due May 2018
Raffle: 2017 won by Judy O.

Old/Continuing business:
Quilt Show 2018: Sewing is Therapy and Quilts my Reward, committees in
place, cost increase for use of the school approved by guild
Donation Quilts for VA: Kat K taking over for Dona S.
Quilts can be any size, using red, white & blue. Make a whole quilt
or a block or two.
Raffle quilt 2018: Blue and white blocks (36 turned in) will be put
together this week.
Fair: less quilts this year, still beautiful, 190 volunteer hours of labor
CPR class: attended by several members, lots learned
Retreat: October 3rd-8th
New business:
Sign-up sheets: sheet sent around for guild meeting program

Program: Nancy L: disappearing pinwheel from Missouri Star Quilt Company

Show and Tell: beautiful quilts shared.

Name tag drawing winner: Betty W.

Refreshments were provided by: Thomasene and Betty

Next business meeting: October 24th, Immanuel Lutheran Church
Pre-dinner: for October: Thai Cuisine

Next day meeting: 10th – Nancy T.

Next month’s program: October, Virginia C. – curved piecing.

Retreat Dates

August 29, 2017

2017 – October 3-8

2018 – April 17-22

October 9-14

2019 – April 23-28

October 8-13





2017 Fall Retreat

August 29, 2017

It’s almost here…..

Supply list:

Demo:  bring 1 yard of fabric  and 7″ of 1/4″ elastic.

2nd Demo:  travel pillow, hopefully available at Walmart… &  1/2 yard with coordinating 8″ x 14″ piece.

LRC game:  3 green 2.5″ strips  & 3 blue 2.5″ strips.

No gift for this time.  We will be going out to dinner on Sat. eve so won’t be having the usual party.