Crazy Ladies 2018/19 “Flower Power2”

We will be putting a flower or two in/on someone else’s “container” each month.

The size of your background should be 18 x 20″ on the large size & 15″ squarish on the small side.  These are odd sizes I know, but we don’t want it to be too big or too small.  Whatever you need for your “container”.

Also add a journal & label if you want.

This time raw edge/fusible, wool, leather, embroidery, leaves, stems are OK.

Still:  NO paint, zigzag edging, “funky stuff”

  1. Mary K.
  2. Roylene S.
  3. Janice B.
  4. Kim G.
  5. Virginia C.
  6.  Mary Ann B.
  7. Joan S.
  8. Barbara B.
  9. Merridy Mc.
  10. Lisa O.
  11. Kat K.
  12. Kathy R.




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